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Benefits Of Solar Panels

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are now more popular than ever and alongside wind and water power are leading the way in a mainstream switch to renewable energy. Solar panels are becoming common place in many areas of society and can be seen anywhere from homes to schools and even on space satellites. The benefits of solar panels are becoming more apparent to the general public and this has contributed to a rise in popularity; the British government are also keen to promote solar energy in the hope of reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and natural gases.

Environmental benefits of solar panels

There are numerous benefits of solar panels and installing them at home or work can be a wonderful investment is terms of money and environmentally. The first major benefit of solar panels is the part they play in helping the environment.

Almost all energy in the UK is provided by fossil fuels (coal) and natural gases. In order for these elements to be able to power our homes and businesses they are required to be burned, burning fossil fuels and natural gases causes a release of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases which rise into the earth’s atmosphere. The most damaging of these pollutants is carbon dioxide which is directly responsible for global warming. Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere causes an increased ability to trap heat which raises the overall temperature of the planet.

By installing solar panels to provide electricity and hot water needs, the reliance on non-renewable energy is lessened considerably and therefore carbon emissions are reduced. A standard system has the ability to reduce an owner’s carbon footprint by up to one tonne per year. Other benefits are also found in the fact that they cause no harm to the environment and release no carbon dioxide whatsoever.

Financial benefits of solar panels

Another leading contributor of solar panels becoming so popular is the financial benefits that can be had. A typical solar photovoltaic system which is able to generate electricity to power appliances can provide anything from 40%-100% of electricity needs depending on usage. A typical system installed in a three bedroom family home will produce savings of around £200 per year.

Solar thermal panel systems are designed to heat water for general use around the home or in production processes. A typical system is likely to provide around a third of hot water in a family home, the equivalent of £70-£90 of savings on energy bills per year.

One of the biggest financial benefits of solar panels in found in a scheme known as the feed-in tariff which is aimed at people that produce their own electricity. The feed-in tariff allows solar panel owners to sell any unused electricity back to the National Grid where it can be reused. The payments of the tariff have been put in place to last 25 years and will earn people around £1030 per year. These payments are designed to reward people that act to install solar panels now and will cover the initial outlay for installation.

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