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What Are Solar Panels Used For

What Are Solar Panels Used For

Solar panels are increasingly becoming a regular part of everyday life and it is now common to see panels in a number of places on everyday travels. Solar panels can be seen on the roofs of domestic houses, factory buildings, schools and even in car parks; they are also used on satellites in space which orbit the earth. The question is - what are solar panels used for?

What is a solar panel?

“What are solar panels used for?” is frequently asked question and despite seeing them every day, many people are still unsure about what purpose solar panels actually serve or what they are intended for.

Solar panels have been in mass production since the 1950’s but didn’t really become mainstream until the nineties, the wide spread popularity has gradually increased since the nineties and particularly so in the 2000’s in the UK. Solar cells which make up a solar panel have been around for a lot longer and the first cell was created in the late 19th century.
A solar panel is made up of a number of solar cells, these cells are designed to react with sunlight and cause and electrical field which can be converted into sunlight, panels can also be used to heat up hot water.

Why are solar panels used?

There are two main answers to “what are solar panels used for?” Solar panels are a renewable energy source and along with wind and water are cutting the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels and natural gases which are used to power businesses and houses. Coal and natural gases are the two main elements of providing electricity to homes, both of these produce harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases which are damaging the earth’s atmosphere at an alarming rate. The main toxin that is released into the atmosphere is carbon dioxide (CO2); this is also the leading cause of global warming. CO2 increases the atmosphere’s ability to trap heat which enhances the overall temperature, for this reason governments in the UK and across the world encourage and promote the use of renewable energy.

Solar panels are a free source of energy and are in no way harmful to the environment. By more people turning to solar power, the reliance of fossil fuels is lessened and carbon emissions are cut.

The second or the main reasons in answering “what are solar panels used for?” is there ability to save people substantial money on energy bills. Solar panels come in two main types, solar PV which generates electricity and solar thermal which heats water for general use. Both types of solar panel system continue to generate energy all year round and this leads to savings on energy bills as you are producing your own power. A standard solar PV system in a family home will save around £200 per year while a standard solar thermal system will save around £90.

Once more people know the answer to “what are solar panels used for?” they too can look into the possibility of changing the way in which they receive their energy.

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