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Where Are Solar Panels Used

Where Are Solar Panels Used

Renewable energy sources and particularly solar energy is becoming big business in the UK. The benefits of solar panels are constantly being talked about and they are being put forward as the leader in how we generate power. Governments are relying on renewable energy and in particular solar power as a way to move away from the constant reliance on fossil fuels and natural gases that continue to release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis.

Many people have heard of solar panels and the chances are that many have seen one; despite this, the use of solar energy in the UK is still blossoming and there is much still to be learned. On common question is “where are solar panels used?” There is no one answer for this and panels can be located in a range of places.

What is the function of a solar panel?

When providing an answer to “where are solar panels used?” the understanding of how solar panels work is important, this will give a better understanding of the different places that this renewable energy source can be used.
A solar panel is designed to react to sunlight and generate power from the energy produced by the sun. The sun is biggest and most powerful energy source of the planet, it is also free. The sun has been the main source of energy for the planet dating back to primitive man and people have constantly developed ways in which to harness some of its power, none of which have been successful on the same level as solar panels.

Solar panels are made up of a number of solar cells each of which is designed from two layers of semiconducting material which create an electrical field on contact with sunlight. This then produces electricity. Solar thermal systems which heat up water work in a different way by working in a similar way to a radiator to warm up water.

As long as sunlight is in contact with the panel, it will continue to produce power; a greater amount of sunlight will result in a greater amount of power. So the overall answer to “where are solar panels used?” is anywhere where the can be in constant contact with the sun.

Locations of solar panels

Answering “where are solar panel used?” in terms of location will present different answers. The most common place for solar panels to be used is on the roof of buildings, the position of the building is also important. The recommended roof position for buildings is 90 degrees of south, roofs facing southwest to southeast will be ideally located for panels on either side of the roof.

Buildings with flat roofs or in unsuitable locations can have solar panels installed on a special frame on the side of a building, in a garden or anywhere other position that attracts sunlight. The main thing to note when installing panels is that obstructions are not going to cause a problem by blocking out light.

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