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Why Are Solar Panels Used

Why Are Solar Panels Used

In the past few years, the UK has seen massive advancement in renewable energy sources; this type of energy is generated from natural sources and is in no danger of running its course. Solar power and the use of solar panels are at the forefront of this modern technology and have been proven to have massive benefits. There is a growing number of people and places turning to solar panels as a way to generate power and the government are keen on making the general public more aware of this renewable energy source in the hope that panels become more widely used. Although popularity continues to rise, certain elements regarding solar panels are still not known by many people; one frequently asked question is “why are solar panels used?” This article will try to answer this question.

Benefits of solar panels

Finding out the benefits of solar panels is the best way to answer the question of “why are solar panels used?” It is the numerous benefits that have led panels to becoming the most successful and most efficient of all renewable energy sources.

Environmental benefits

The first major benefit of solar panels is the positive effect that they have on the environment. The two major energy sources in the UK are fossil fuels (mainly coal) and natural gases, both of these are burned to power our homes and places of work. The major flaw in both fossil fuels and natural gases is that when burned they each release harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere, the main one being carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide emissions are the leading cause of global warming to the earth.

As CO2 reaches the earth’s atmosphere it increases the planet’s ability to trap heat, which means the overall temperature continues to rise to harmful levels. Using solar panels on a building allows an owner to generate any power that is needed from the sun, completely naturally. Doing this cuts down on the reliance of non-renewable energy sources and reduces an individual’s carbon footprint.

Another answer to “why are solar panels used?” is often the fact that they are completely environmentally friendly and produce no carbon emissions whatsoever. The also require very little maintenance other than a clean to get rid of dirt and the removal of any objects obstructing light.

Financial benefits

The other main benefit when answering “why are solar panels used?” is the savings that can be made on energy bills and the income that can be generated. Installing solar panels in the home means that power can be produced and used naturally, cutting energy bills. A standard solar PV system which produces electricity can easily save up to £200 per year on energy bills and a similar solar thermal system which heats water can save around £70-£90.
Solar PV panels also present the opportunity to make money by selling any unused electricity to the National Grid in return for cash; this is known as a feed-in tariff and can provide an income of over £1000 per year.

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