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Introduction to 12v Solar Panels

So what exactly are 12v solar panels? Well 12v solar panels are made with the purpose of taking energy from the sun and then they convert it to 12v DC electricity that will allow you to charge a battery. If you have done any research already then no doubt you will have noticed that there are more than one kind of solar panel and more than one style of solar panel. If you are in the market for 12v solar panels then here are some helpful tips to assist you in choosing your panel.

What are the Different Cell Types?

Today there are three main different types of cell that are available. They are Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, and Amorphous. Each one has an advantage and a disadvantage so itís best to do your research before selecting a panel.

If you are looking into the Monocrystalline then you need to know that it has an efficiency rating of around fifteen to seventeen percent. They usually have more complicated techniques when it comes to manufacturing, therefore they can be more expensive than other panels.

If you are looking more at the Polycrystalline then you will find that they are fairly close to the Monocrystalline with a few exceptions. Such as the slices are going to be made from several crystals that have grown together. The efficiency rating will usually be around twelve percent, but when the temperature goes up they will suffer from efficiency loss. The cost of these is a little bit less that the cost of the Monocrystalline.

Amorphous is the last option. It is very much more flexible than the other options but it only has about a six percent efficiency rating. These larger panels will usually cost more that the crystalline versions because they are much less popular.

What Size of 12v Solar Panel to Buy?

The next thing that you are going to have to think about is exactly what size of these panels you are going to want to buy. You can access a lot of different calculators that will help you to figure out the size that you need, most of these can be found online and are based on very high end data. These are a good option to get an idea but if you are going to rely on these panels for power then you might want to try and look up more information so that you donít end up in trouble.

Relying Solely on the 12v Solar Panels

Itís a good idea to remember when you are looking at 12v solar panels that the winter and summer suns are very different therefore what you need in each season will be different. If you are serious about finding the right panel for you then you need to make sure that you do plenty of research and you understand the differences in the types and sizes, otherwise you could end up getting into trouble if you are going to be relying solely on the panels.

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