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Free Solar Panels from the Government

Introduction to Free Solar Panels from the Government

The government are continually looking for ways that they can help people to save energy and cut down on the amount of dangerous gases getting released into the air leading to a big rise in global warming and greenhouse gases. One of the ways that they have gone about this is to offer residents a grant towards paying for the installation of solar panels to their homes. Not everybody can afford to go straight to a solar panel supplier and make a purchase of solar panels but with the help of the government it has been possible for most people to get them installed.

Government Grants

In the UK, how the grant is paid out now is different to how it was originally paid out. It used to be that anybody that wanted to go green would get paid the whole of the grant up front which was great to quickly and easily get the solar panels installed. Now however, they pay the grant over a long term which actually works out better as it means we are actually being paid for producing greener energy. This way we are getting much more paid to us over a long period than we would have had in the short one off payment.

Depending on what areas of the UK the home owner lives depends on how much they will get paid. The further south the owner lives, the more energy they are going to be able to produce meaning they will be paid. This is because they are going to be able to make a bigger impact in reducing carbon emissions than somebody living up north.

Types of Grants Available from the Government

There are two different types of government grants that are available at the moment. The first grant is what is called a ‘feed in tariff’ and the second is the ‘export tariff’. Both of these grants came about instead of the single one off payments that were originally paid out. Both of these types of grants can be claimed by anybody using solar power.

Feed in Tariff

The feed in tariff is a payment that is made to you for each unit of energy that is produced from the solar panels. From an average sized solar panel on a roof, the home will be entitled to roughly 41p per kilowatt hour generated. All that is needed to join the scheme is to contact the energy supplier once the panels have been installed and show them the feed in tariff eligibility certificate. The home owner will get this from the contractor once the panels have been installed.

Export Tariff

The export tariff is how much you will be paid for any energy that is sold back to the national grid. A home owner would usually get about 3p per kilowatt hour on top of the feed in tariff that will also be received. Nobody is ever going to get rich from doing this but it is a great way to save a lot of money as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

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