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Grants for Solar Panels

Introduction to Grants for Solar Panels

More and more people all over the UK, Europe and the world are deciding on installing solar panels. Unfortunately, this is not enough, meaning that there is a serious problem of pollution of the planet, and governments all around the world are urging people to start using solar panels in order to save energy and help our planet survive these modern times. The UK Government is no exception. Grants are and will be given to everyone in the UK who decides to install solar panels. Grants for solar panels are basically a way of making people understand how important this issue is and of helping them decide to install solar panels by offering an incentive.

Grants for Solar Panels in the UK

As it has already been mentioned, governments all around the world are trying to make their citizens install solar panels by offering different kinds of incentives. This has proven to be a great way of making the environment greener, as well as for people to save some money on their electricity bills. However, grants for solar panels include something else that is very interesting and tempting. Namely, people are given the chance not only to save money, but also to make some money by producing their own electricity or heating.

Feed in Tariffs Scheme

Basically, the feed in tariffs scheme enables people to save some money and to earn it in the same time. The main reason why the UK Government created a feed in tariffs scheme is to popularise the use of solar panels and to make people want to install them. This scheme works in a simple way everyone who installs solar panels will get paid by the Government 41p per kWh of electricity they produce. The most important thing about the feed in tariffs scheme is the fact that people will get paid regardless of the fact whether they spend the energy or not.

However, there is always the question of where the catch is. The truth is that there is no catch. It might seem like the Government will have to pay a lot of money to all the people who install solar panels, but this money will come from the increase of the cost of electricity in the UK, which is a really smart move.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The renewable heat incentive is very similar to feed in tariffs scheme, but there are some important differences the main one being the fact that it does not refer to electricity, but only to heat. Knowing that 99% of heat produced in the UK comes from fossil fuels and only 1% from renewable sources, it is easy to see why the Governments have created this type of incentive. From April 2011, anyone in the UK will have the chance to apply for renewable heat incentive, and they will be paid up to 18p per kWh of heat they produce using renewable sources of heat, such as solar panels, heat pumps and others.

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