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How Do You Make Solar Panels

Introduction to How do you Make Solar Panels

With more and more people turning to solar panels to generate energy to their homes, solar panels are becoming increasingly cheaper to purchase. However, even with the big decrease in cost, not everybody has the money to purchase them. The good news is that anybody can actually make their very own solar panels from the comfort of their own home for a fraction of the price of brand new solar panels. Before looking at how to make solar panels at home we are going to take a look at the benefits that using solar panels can have.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels

  • Go green - Solar panels use absolutely no fuel to operate except for the power of the sun. It also doesn’t release any harmful gases in to the atmosphere. There is no better way of going green than to go solar.
  • Affordability - Any energy that can be generated from the sun is free energy. The only investment needed is the initial payment of installation or for the parts if building at home. After a short amount of time any investment will have been returned.
  • Ease of use - Everyday power cannot be stored. Solar energy on the other hand can be stored for as long as needed.
  • Maintenance - Solar panels have no maintenance that is needed other than to make sure that any overhanging trees are cut to allow the maximum light to reach the panels.
  • Property value - With the installation of solar panels, it leads to a higher value of the property.
  • Make money - If the installed solar panels are making more energy than is needed, the energy can be stored and then sold back to the national grid in order to make some more money.

How to Make Your Own Solar Panel

The first thing that is going to be needed is a large solar panel or solar cells that can be joined together to make a panel. These can easily and cheaply be picked up on websites such as eBay. The size of the panel will depend on how much electricity you are hoping to generate. The bigger the panel- the more energy can be created. Next, you are going to need a rechargeable battery. A 12v battery will be perfect for the job. A battery box is highly recommended for your own safety and protection.

The power generated is going to be a direct current so it should be converted in to alternating current. Household appliances only run on AC form of energy which is why this needs to be done. The next step is to join everything together. The DC meter will be connected to the top of the battery then the battery connected to the DC via a wire. Finally, the solar panel and DC meter are connected to the rechargeable battery. That really is as simple as it gets.

Building your own solar panels is a really fun task to undertake. By building them yourselves they can be made for under £150 which will be paid for the materials for the job.

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