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Motorhome Solar Panels

Introduction to Motorhome Solar Panels

Motorhomes and caravans have been very popular not only in the UK, but also all over the world. Although many people do not understand them, people who own motorhomes genuinely enjoy driving around the country and staying in touch with nature in a special and unique way. The main problem with motorhomes is the source of electricity. Namely, modern motorhomes have a lot of different electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, home movie theatres, stereos, refrigerators, air conditions and many other appliances that spend a lot of electricity. This means that all of that electricity has to come from somewhere, only it cannot come from the vehicle’s battery. This is exactly why motorhome solar panels are the perfect solution for all motorhome owners.

The Plentiful Benefits of Motorhome Solar Panels

When it comes to travelling and vacationing, it is important that people have all the luxury that is available to them. There is no point of having air conditioning or a microwave in your motorhome if you cannot use it whenever you feel like it. The fact is that there is no better, cheaper and easier way of using all the luxury of any motorhome than installing motorhome solar panels. Motorhome solar panels are easy to install, easy to use, they are inexpensive, they are extremely practical and they are the all-around best solution when it comes to supplying a motorhome with the electricity needed. Taking all into consideration, it is safe to say that all motorhome owners should at least think about getting motorhome solar panels, if not get them as soon as they buy the motorhome.

DIY Motorhome Solar Panels

Motorhome solar panels are the type of solar panels which is known to be very easy to install. Fitting motorhome solar panels will prove to be an easy task for anyone who has a minimum amount of previous experience with DIY projects. DIY motorhome solar panel kits are available in many shops and online as well at affordable prices and with detailed instructions. On the other hand, for the ones that have more experience in DIY projects and tasks that involve dealing with electricity, it is recommended to build their own kit. This is recommended because building your own motorhome solar panel kit will always be far cheaper than buying one.

Motorhome Solar Panels – Where to Buy Them and How Much Do They Cost?

Motorhome solar panel kits can be easily bought online at numerous websites that sell them. It is always advised to visit a couple of websites in order to compare prices and look for some discounts or special offers available. Here are a couple of websites available in the UK where motorhome solar panel kits can be found:
  • Motor Caravanning – Veetech 90W Panel Kit, with the panel dimensions 1210 x 538 x 35 mm and weighing 7.5 kg will cost you £564 including VAT.
  • Sunstore - 90w Solar Panel, with the dimensions 825 x 808 x 35 mm and with a 25 year warranty will cost you £365.33 including VAT.

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