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New Solar Panels

Introduction to New Solar Panels

Electricity that can be generated from the sun is the cleanest and most easily accessible source of free power anywhere. There is no point whatsoever in paying for something that can also be gained for free and for what is just as good and also less dangerous to the atmosphere. The technology in itself has been around and in use for many years and is continuously getting better as time passes by and the technology improves.

As each new system is created they get better each time. In other words any new solar panel systems created today will be better than those created last year. The other great thing about the newer solar panels that are entering the market is that they are getting cheaper and much easier to install than the older versions. This allows any home owner to generate all the energy that is needed just from the sun alone.

Previous Solar Panel Models

Solar panels have actually been around for decades but have only just recently been seen for the many benefits that they offer. They are now being seen literally everywhere from houses to big companies and laptops to cars. The original solar panels were nowhere near as light in weight or easy to install as the newer versions. They were big, chunky and extremely heavy. For these reasons it became a big problem when trying to install them on to the roof of a house. This meant that contractors had to do the installation which all added to the price which is also the main reason as to why more people were not using solar panels to generate their energy.

New Solar Panels

As time goes by, so the technology improves. This is not just in one part of the solar panels but instead, they have totally recreated the whole concept and design of the solar panel. One of the biggest changes is that it is now easy to add extra panels to the system if needed. They are much lighter in weight meaning they only take 5 - 10 minutes to install the system. That is a huge difference from the original solar panels. Any time a home owner wishes to expand on their generated power they can simply hook up another solar panel to the existing panel on the roof which was extremely difficult to do before.

A big problem with solar panels is their inefficiency to perform as well in low lighted areas. In the UK, we have more cloudy days than we do sunny days. The new systems can easily generate just as much energy on dull days than on sunny days making them the perfect choice among many home owners. The new solar panels can convert much more sunlight into energy than the original models due to these new breakthroughs. The new solar panels are literally being installed in just about everything nowadays which means we are able to generate much more energy at a fraction of the cost.

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