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Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Introduction to Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Although not many people pay attention to this fact, there are many different types of solar panels. One of the most widely used types are photovoltaic solar panels. Regardless of the fact that their ability to produce power was discovered almost 200 years ago, it was not until recently that they have started to become increasingly popular with people in the UK, as well as all around the world.

Why Buy Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

There are numerous reasons why more and more people are choosing to install photovoltaic solar panels, and here are some of the most important ones:
  • They are energy and cost efficient – it is said that installing photovoltaic solar panels will save up to 30% on the electric bills, not to mention the opportunity to even earn some money with the Fits scheme.
  • They are green – governments all around the world are making efforts in order to make people more environmentally conscious, and one of the ways of doing this is by promoting photovoltaic solar panels, which have no effect at all on the environment.
  • They are a good investment – generally speaking, photovoltaic solar panels are not very cheap. However, if people think about it more seriously, they will conclude that the panels will pay for themselves in 10 years or so, and most manufacturers give 20 or even 25 year warranties. Besides this, photovoltaic solar panels have been known to raise the price of the property, if they are installed and used properly.

Disadvantages of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Although people are advised to buy photovoltaic solar panels, there are some disadvantages of these panels that they should pay attention to before buying them. Here is a list of some of the most important disadvantages of photovoltaic solar panels:
  • The cost – it is a fact that photovoltaic solar panels are a good investment, but buying real estate is also a good investment. The fact is that many people still cannot afford to set aside enough money to install solar panels, because their prices have not yet come down. The more people decide on buying them, the lower the prices will be, and this will result in even more photovoltaic solar panels all around the UK.
  • The location – the location of solar panels is crucial, meaning that they need to be set somewhere where there is enough sunlight and no shadows. Also, areas with a lot of rain or hail are not ideal for solar panels’ optimum results.
  • The disposal – it is very important to know that both the panels and the batteries contain dangerous materials and that they should be disposed of properly in order to keep the environment clean and people safe.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that photovoltaic solar panels have a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. The main thing to understand is the fact that all of the disadvantages can be avoided by proper use of the panels, and with a good understanding of photovoltaic solar panel systems.

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