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Introduction to Roll-up Solar Panels

Roll-up solar panels, just like regular ones, are capable of transforming the light from the sun directly into electric power. The process that makes this conversion possible is one of a high chemical complexity, resulting in an efficient electric power providing method that is also ecological, therefore allowing users to charge various devices without producing CO2 in the meantime.

The ordinary solar panels are rigid, yet some events and human activities demand the use of a much more flexible product: roll-up solar panels.

The Benefits of Acquiring Roll-up Solar Panels

The obvious advantage of these solar gadgets translates into their portability, allowing users to generate electricity just about anywhere as long as the weather is sunny. They can be easily transported by rolling them and placing them in a backpack or in the truck of the car, and they can also be installed in whatever place you’d like: be it on your backpack, on a picnic table, on your tent or simply on the grass.

Roll-up solar panels consist of thin films of solar foil that absorb the energy from the sun, but being paper-thin does not come at the expense of their durability. In fact, solar gadgets like these, including regular solar panels, are protected against damage, weather changes or ultraviolet rays through a protective layer made of a special kind of glass. They’re so resistant you can walk on the panels without breaking them, and in case water gets spilled on them or you get them wet in the rain, all you need to do is let them dry off.

Roll-up solar panels can be placed in all kinds of locations, and can also be installed permanently in a particular place with the use of PVA glue.

Roll-up solar panels are perfect for outdoor holiday activities such as boating, camping and hiking trips, as well as outdoor picnics and any kind of leisure activities during which people might need an electric source to charge their devices. Speaking of which, roll-up solar panels work by placing them in the sun, generating enough energy to recharge cell phones, iPods, iPads, cameras, notebooks, laptops, computers and more.

These solar gadgets are not only easy to use and durable, but they are also highly versatile, being available in various sizes to meet users’ needs. Thus, smaller sized panels, for example a 12? x 22? panel featuring 4.5 watt is suitable for recharging something as small as a cell phone, whilst larger roll-up solar panels can output 14 watts or more to generate energy in the case of larger items such as a laptop.

The Price of Roll-up Solar Panels

The cost of roll-up solar panels is, in itself, an advantage of choosing them as electric power generating units because the expense associated with them is significantly smaller than the costs of regular solar panels. Small-sized roll-up solar panels cost around £150, whilst larger types will have higher costs of a few hundred pounds.

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