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Introduction to Solar Panel Battery

A solar panel battery contains a set of photovoltaic cells which can convert solar energy into electric power. They are different than the usual batteries we know which are used to convert chemical energy into electric energy. Solar panels have the capacity of generating power by capturing the light from the sun, yet when the light is missing, the solar panel battery takes the role of the solar system to supply the building with the energy stored within the battery.

A solar panel battery is usually installed on the roof or outer walls of homes and office buildings and even on streets. They come in various sizes and amperages, and choosing one over another is made according to the application involved.

What is a Solar Panel Battery Made of?

A rechargeable solar panel battery consists of an electrolyte known as alloy, cadmium or hydrogen, and a positive and negative terminal. The photovoltaic cell of the battery reacts with the electrolyte, producing electrons as a result. The electrons emerge from the negative terminal of the solar panel battery, travel along the electronic circuit of this system, supplying it with power and then go back into the battery through its opposite terminal.

The Charging Process

A solar panel battery is charged through the electricity produced by the solar panel. To explain this process, it is first required to understand how the battery loses its charge. This happens when residual particles from the chemical reaction are slowing or stopping the production of electrons by getting accumulated on the battery’s photovoltaic cells. Now the power that results from the solar panel reverses this ‘malfunction’, hence the current draws protons to the cells by using electrons. This activity restores the cells and reconstructs electrolytes; it’s a process that centres a chemical reaction that is the opposite of a discharge.

The Discharging Process

With use and in the course of time, a solar panel battery discharges during which the chemical elements remain active, although react much slower. The discharge is sped up by heat, whilst cold slows it. Compared to other batteries such as Alkaline or Lithium batteries, rechargeable solar panel batteries discharge much faster, yet due to the possibility of recharge, this disadvantage is clearly overlooked.

The Cost of a Solar Panel Battery

A typical solar deep cycle battery is available in a wide range of sizes, from 5 AH to a few hundred AH. In order to determine how much battery power your home needs you would have to assess how many watts your appliances ‘swallow’ and divide that number of watts by the DC voltage. The amperage resulted should give you an idea whether you’d need a 12 volt battery, a 24 volt battery, or one with less or more volts. The price range for a solar panel battery is really wide, comprising prices as low as £12, or as high as £600. Whatever solar panel battery you need, it is best to analyse the online offers by going through websites that sell solar batteries, as prices differ according to the battery’s features and according to the manufacturing company.

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