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Solar Panel Information

Renewable energy sources are beginning to play in large part in how people generate power in their homes and businesses; solar energy is at the forefront of renewable energy and is widely regarded as the best source of free power. Solar panel installation is becoming a common sight on roofs of buildings up and down the UK and a large part of this is because of the benefits on offer. Seeing an ever increasing number of solar panels systems being installed has led people to want to find out more about this type of energy source and there has becoming a large rise in enquires about solar panel information.

Benefits of solar panels

Solar panels require a large investment and the cost of installation can amount to around £8000-£14000, for this reason alone it is important to gather as much solar panel information as possible before committing to buy. Information surrounding solar panels generally centres on the benefits, and there are a number of benefits to be found.

Solar panels are designed to harness the suns energy and turn it into power, the power generated can either be electricity or hot water, depending on the system you have chosen. The biggest benefit from solar panels is the money that can be saved on energy bills; a solar photovoltaic system (generating electricity) can easily provide half of all yearly electricity requirements, whereas a solar water heating system can supply up to one third of all hot water needs. The savings created through these panels in a regular family home amounts to around £200 and £90 per year respectively.

Another positive piece of solar panel information is the environmental benefits that are achievable with solar panels. Homes in the UK are powered using fossil fuels and natural gases, both of these energy sources create huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. Installing solar panels reduces a household’s dependency on these fuels and an average system can save around one tonne of CO2 emissions each year.

Solar panel feed-in tariff

A beneficial part of solar photovoltaic panel installation is the ability to enter a scheme known as the feed-in tariff; it is also an important subject for solar panel information and makes the option of installation a lot more financially viable.

The feed-in tariff was introduced by the British government in April 2010 after proving successful in other countries across the world. The object of the tariff is to reward those that choose to act now and install solar panels. Households and businesses that are producing their own electricity are given the chance to sell any unused energy to the National Grid in return for cash payments. The tariff pays out a rate of £1030 per year and is set in place for 25 years; this means that anyone installing solar panels now can recoup the initial investment and double it.

This tariff is currently only available with solar photovoltaic systems although a similar scheme known as the Renewable Heat Incentive is to be introduced in 2012 to provide cash benefits to those with solar water heating systems.

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