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Solar Panels for Caravans

Introduction to Solar Panels for Caravans

People are always looking for ways to save a little extra money. For campers there is no better way than by using solar panels on their caravans. Another great benefit of using solar panels on a caravan is that they are much quieter than using a generator to provide the electricity and do not create any air pollution whatsoever. Portable solar panels are a must for anybody that uses a caravan on holiday. They do not need to be in constant use. Once the power has been stored in the battery the panels can be packed up if needed and the power used from there.

Save Money

Solar panels for caravans are constantly getting cheaper as time goes by which has led to an increase in the amount of people that are using them to power their appliances. The prices of 12v solar panels may still seem a little expensive but in the long run will save the owner a lot of money as once the initial payment has been spent they are essentially getting free power and will continue to do so for life. One thing to remember is that solar panels will not only power any electrical appliances but will also give hot water, helping to save even more money from the get go.


For caravan enthusiasts it is highly important that they do not have something that is too big and bulky. The good news is that caravan solar panels are small and easily moved to where they can gain the most sunshine rays. Most portable solar panel kits come with up to ten meters of cable which means the whole of the caravan could be in the shade but the solar panel placed a distance away in to the sun. Remembering that the sun rises in the east and setting in the west also needs to be thought about. A solar panel cannot just be placed in a spot and then left for the rest of the day. They will need to be moved in order to get maximum power for the caravan appliances.

Installation of Caravan Solar Panels

Solar panels are extremely easy to install to a caravan. It is as simple as connecting a wire from the solar panel and connecting it to the caravan battery. It is often a good idea to use a charge controller in between the connection which will help to make sure that the solar panels do not overcharge the battery. Many kits that are specifically designed for caravans are small and can easily be connected and disconnected as and when needed. They also fold for easy transportation.

Will the Caravan Solar Panels Generate Enough Energy?

The very last thing is to ensure that the panels will be able to generate enough power. For instance, during the winter periods the solar panels are not going to be able to generate as much power as they would during the summer time. Simply work out how much power is going to be needed from the solar panels and make sure the batteries are able to store that amount of power.

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