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Heating Your Pool

Swimming pools are becoming more popular in the UK every year as people are realising all of the benefits of having a swimming pool right in their own backyard. Many people are enjoying not having to go to the local pool but can simply walk out their backdoor and enjoy the water of their pool. Many swimming pool users look for ways to be able to use their pool as many days of the year as they can. By installing a heater for their swimming pool they greatly increase the useable days of the pool.

A swimming pool heater is used to keep the water level at a comfortable swimming temperature no matter what the outside temperature is. The heater works to directly heat the water in the pool by pulling the water through a conductor that provides a heat element that is used to heat the water to the appropriate level. Most pool heaters use standard electricity in order to work but many people are now choosing solar panels pool heating because of the many benefits it has.

Using Solar Panels for Pool Heating

Installing solar panels pool heating as a means to heat the water in your swimming pool will provide you with a water temperature that will be suitable for almost every day of the year. Even if the weather is cold outside these solar panels can be used to heat up your swimming pool water to just the right temperature. These solar panels work by harnessing the sunís natural rays and converting those rays into thermal energy. This thermal energy is then used to heat the water in your pool.

These solar panels pool heating can be used as a supplemental source to your current electrical heating unit. By using it as a supplemental means, it will reduce the amount of work that your current system needs to do to heat the water to the right level. You can also use the solar panels pool heating as a stand-alone source of heat to provide the thermal energy you need.

The solar panels can be placed on your rooftop on the outside wall of your home. Another location that many pool owners are choosing to use is a sturdy structure that they have built specifically to house these panels. This works especially well if you have a lot of outdoor room to place the structure. The panels must be placed in such a way that they will be able to receive the most direct rays from the sun.

Benefits of Solar Energy

By using solar energy to heat your swimming pool you can save between seventy to eight percent on your current electric bill. Whether you choose to use the solar energy as a supplemental source of energy or a stand-alone source you will be able to see a great reduction in your current electrical usage. Most solar panels pool heating will pay for themselves within five years from the energy savings you will receive.

Solar panels are also easy to install and easy to maintain as they require very little work on your part. Most solar panels have a life expectancy of about thirty years allowing you to reap the rewards for years to come. On top of all of these benefits, solar energy is environmentally friendly and will add no pollution to the air.

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