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Introduction to UK Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way of investing in your home and your energy future. Once the initial investment has been returned in energy then all electricity that is generated from there is completely free. Solar panels are the best way of finally getting rid of all those unwanted energy bills that get sent to our homes every year. A good quality solar panel can provide up to 70% of the needed electricity and hot water every year. The UK government have set up what is called a ‘Feed in Tariffs’. This means that any home owner that is generating more electricity than is actually needed can store it up and sell it. This wouldn’t get anybody rich but would end up being a considerable amount after the 25 years that the government has promised to pay for.

Different Technologies

There are typically two different types of solar panels that are used. There are the obvious solar panels that generate electricity to a home and others that generate hot water. They all work using only the energy from the sun which is why they can usually be seen upon home owners’ rooftops. Within the UK, solar water power is much more popular than the electricity. The prices vary but can generally cost anything up to £5000 for a professionally fitted solar panel system or as little as £500 for a DIY kit.

The life of solar panels is as of yet unknown but they are expected to be able to exceed 30 years which is great for something that requires very little maintenance. All that is needed is to make sure that they have no trees hanging over them and that they can be placed somewhere that is going to get as much sunshine as possible.

Why we Need Them

Installing solar panels to a property will not only save money in the long run but will also reduce the carbon footprint of the owner which is something that everybody seems to be trying to do nowadays. There is virtually no pollution that is made from generating power from the sun unlike burning fossil fuels which releases large amounts of toxic gases in to the air.

Another thing to remember is that fossil fuels are limited. They are expected to run dry within the next century unlike power from the sun which will continue until the end of the world.

Government Grants

The government offers grants for the installation of solar panels to a home. In order to be approved for a government grant, the home owner does need to ensure that they insulate the whole of their loft to approved levels. This will include installing cavity wall insulation, low energy light bulbs in all light fittings and installing basic controls for the heating system. The applications that can be powered by the sun are limitless. Solar panels are now being used to power laptops and cell phones among many other things. The biggest move forward in the technology is that they are now being used to power cars which is definitely a big breakthrough.

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